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Welcome to the Griffin Lab



GriffinLab is a world-leading research group, led by Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent since 2004.


GriffinLab are credited with ~300 scientific publications, mainly on the cytogenomics of reproduction and evolution. Notably, GriffinLab performed the first successful cytogenetic preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), played a significant role in the development of Karyomapping, a universal approach for PGT and, most recently, provided insight into the karyotypes of dinosaurs. GriffinLab has vast international presence with a vibrant research culture, consisting ~20 scientists (including a programme of externally supervised students, mostly in the USA and Dubai), and maintains commercial interests pertaining to the outcomes of research findings, liaising with companies in the field.


Darren is a prolific science communicator, making every effort to make scientific research publicly accessible and is an enthusiastic proponent for the benefits of interdisciplinary research endeavours. He has supervised over 35 PhD students and his work appears consistently in the national and international news.


The core purpose of GriffinLab is to improve the understanding of chromosomes in an individual and evolutionary context, with impact-driven research that aims to make key breakthroughs to advance human diagnostics and agriculture. A key focus and passion of GriffinLab is widespread education, outreach and public engagement



The most recent publications from GriffinLab can be found in the link below. They include our latest insights into avian avolution in Columbifomres, Caprimulgiformes, Piciformes, Suliformes, and Trogoniformes, as well as common blackbird, Atlantic canary, Eurasian woodcock, helmeted guinea fowl, houbara bustard and mallard duck. Farm animal studies are also included, i.e. chromosome screening in pigs, cattle embryos and the effect of essential oils on gene expression in chicken.

Media appearances

Darren is consistently the most cited academic in terms of broadcast and media appearances at the University of Kent, regularly contributing to BBC TV and radio, including Radio 4’s Today Programme, and as a regular public speaker on popular science – especially regarding designer babies and dinosaur evolution.

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