Dr Alejandro Chavez-Badiola

About Alejandro

ObGyn and Fertility Specialist, Founder of IVF 2.0, a company dedicated to bringing a new generation of technologies to the bench-side, focusing on the intersection of Reproductive Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation 


Current Projects


•SiD: Use of AI to assist sperm selection for ICSI in real-time                      

•AI evaluation of oocyte impact on embryo quality (AIR-o)

•ERICA: Augmented Intelligence for embryo selection. Human+AI to improve embryologists’ performance.




•Founder & Medical Director, New Hope Fertility Center, Mexico (2009)

•Professor of Gynaecology, Universidad de Guadalajara (2008)

•Reproductive Medicine, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, UK (2005-7)

•Highly Skilled Specialist Sponsorship, British Council (2005)

•Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Mexico (2004)

Medical School, Academic Excellence Honours, Mexico (1999)