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Cytogenomics in Birds

In the course of the bioinformatic support for the avian molecular cytogenetics studies, the following pivotal hypotheses were tackled to understand genome evolution in birds and other vertebrates: (1) homologous synteny blocks (HSBs) are distributed in birds in a non-random fashion, (2) specific gene ontology signatures can be observed within HSBs and evolutionary breakpoint regions (EBRs), (3) unlike mammals, EBRs represent recombination hotspots in birds, and (4) transposable elements are more frequent in EBRs. Additionally, I helped reconstruct karyotypes of hypothetical avian ancestors and even dinosaurs.


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Avian ancestral karyotype [from Kretschmer & al. 2021 (Cells)]

Biodiversity and Genomic Selection in Farm Animals


Genetic relationships between the Russian White (RW) and White Cornish (WC) chickens [from Abdelmanova & al. 2021 (Biology)]


Stallions used in a GWAS for frozen-thawed sperm motility [from Nikitkina & al. 2022 (Anim Biosci)]


To ensure the sustainability of local and regional agricultural production systems, conservation and molecular genetic characterization of biodiversity among domestic animal and poultry breeds utilized for food production are two of the main goals. Since the initial publication of the chicken reference genome sequence, genomic tools and resources for study linked to livestock industry have been developed and greatly enriched to facilitate further research relevant to the conservation of the potential of genetic resources and genomic selection. These objectives were set for a project run in 2016–2020 at the Farm Animal Genomics Lab in Pushkin–St Petersburg, Russia, led by Mike.

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In modern practical research on poultry, high-performance molecular genetic and genomic technologies are widely exploited. By utilizing efficient feed compositions and a variety of feed additives, it is possible to produce the highest production of eggs and egg products thanks to the genetic potential of commercial laying hens. Studying the mechanisms of how feed preparations affect the microorganisms of birds requires the use of molecular genetic technology for the characterization of the gut microbiota and the expression of essential genes for productivity and resistance.


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Biotechnologies to Assess Gene Expression and Microbiome in Relation to Economically Important Traits in Poultry


International Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Poultry Genomics, Moscow, headed by Mike

RT-PCR used for determining the number of amplified fragments of genes in bacteria, archaea, and fungi and for differential expression of chicken genes

The assessment of egg quality in poultry breeding is crucial, along with selection and genetic work. There is a need for developing non-destructive technologies and mathematical methods for evaluating the egg quality, which make it possible to accurately determine the external and internal parameters of the egg without breaking the eggshell and can serve as a basis for further research in the field of quality improvement of egg products. This is in addition to the intensive search for molecular genetic mechanisms and markers of egg quality. One of the major breakthroughs in this area made by a rather energetic triumvirate we have gathered, i.e., Narushin–Romanov–Griffin, was the creation and publishing of a universal egg shape formula that hit research press releases, mass media and social networks worldwide (Altmetric score: 355). International research group have started quoting our universal egg model as the NRG equation. As one can notice, this is consonant with “ENERGY". So, from the EGGY team we now go to the ENERGY team status.


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