• ESHRE 37th Annual Meeting
    26 Jun, 08:30 CEST – 01 Jul, 15:15 CEST
    Online event
    ESHRE’s 37th Annual Meeting will take place online this year, but, as ever, being the world’s leading event in reproductive science and medicine, the meeting will feature the latest research from world experts in the field - one of which being Darren.
  • 23rd International Chromosome Conference (ICC) and the 23rd International Colloquium in Animal Cytogenetics and Genomics
    13 Jul, 09:00 – 17 Jul, 17:00
    Online Conference
    The ICC2021 and ICACG2021 will bring together researchers in cytogenetics, genetics, genomics, genome organization and related applied science from biomedical, plant and animal fields. As part of this, we also hope to set a new record of an 18-hour marathon of chromosomal science.