The combined Organising Committees cordially invite you to a Joint Meeting of the 23rd International Chromosome Conference (ICC) and the 24th International Colloquium in Animal Cytogenetics and Genomics (ICACG). ICC2021 and ICACG2021 will bring together researchers in cytogenetics, genetics, genomics, genome organization and related applied science from biomedical, plant and animal fields

Because of Covid, we are of course online this year and we are teaming up with our friends at “The IVF Academy” who will host the meeting for us, providing you with the best possible learning experience.  Accordingly, there will be no registration fee however, there will be a charge of $15 for anyone requiring a certificate of attendance.

We have a large list of speakers for this years event, from a range of institutions and countries around the globe. Find their contact information below

We hope that you will join us online for this unique event.


Tariq Ezaz, Janine Deakin and Darren Griffin

On behalf of the ICC2021 and ICACG2021 joint organising committees

This event is sponsored by:

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