Outreach and Media

Darren is passionate about science communications and education. The media has been an excellent tool for achieving this.

Darren is consistently the most cited academic in terms of broadcast and media appearances at the University of Kent, regularly contributing to BBC TV and radio, including Radio 4’s Today Programme, and as a regular public speaker on popular science – especially regarding designer babies and dinosaur evolution.

Generation Genome  

‘Generation Genome’ will be an original series of documentaries and studio-based discussions, designed to engage young people in cutting edge science, placing them at the centre of a debate about genetics and the impact it will have on their future

The series is aimed at 13 to 18-year-olds and will be broadcast across the UK in 2022.The government funded YACF, which is managed by the BFI supports the creation of distinctive, high-quality content for audiences up to the age of 18.

The project marks the first time a local television news channel has been recognised as a qualifying broadcaster for funding from the YACF, as it is Ofcom regulated, a free-to-access public service platform and the Local Television Network allows significant UK audience reach

The idea for the series was first pitched to KMTV by Darren (who will co-present the show) and Science Communication PhD student Jill Hurst (who will produce it).


Watch more here or read more here!

Orange and Blue Typography Stories & Fic

The Genomics Lab podcast

Darren recently appeared on 'The Genomics Lab' podcast to discuss his research and career.


Nostalgia interviews with Chris Deacy

Darren was interviewed by Chris Deacy where they discussed Darrens life experiences.

Preimplantation genetic testing book

Darren co authored a book with Gary Harton focused on genetic testing and advances in reproductive medicine.


Articles for 'The Conversation'

Darren has authored many articles for the conservation on a range of topics.

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KMTV Interview

Darren discusses the surge testing and delta variant on KMTV


Second interview for Nostalgia!

Darren is the first person to return for a second interview!

BBC News Channel Interview

Darren’s work on Dinosaur DNA was covered by the BBC’s science correspondent Pallab Ghosh

Interview with Professor Alan Handyside

In this interview with Professor Alan Handyside, Darren recalls some of the work that led to the first clinical application and pregnancies following IVF and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD, for couples at risk of X-linked disease in 1990. They discuss how preimplantation genetic testing has developed over 30 years since then and briefly outlines some exciting possible future developments.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Reproduction (CISoR)

Darren is director of The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Reproduction (CISoR), which comprises several like-minded academics dedicated to the study of reproduction in all its forms.


CISoR allows for multidisciplinary activity and excellence in four main areas of academia:

1.  Inter-disciplinary research

2.  Impact, knowledge exchange and enterprise

3.  Communication, policy, public debate, consultation, media

4.  Education, training and skills

Individual members of the centre have established international reputations in their respective fields, and the following academic themes are prioritised:

1.  Assisting human reproduction

2.  Variation in human reproduction

3.  Non-human reproduction


Darren's Appearances on KMTV