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Last scientific event of 2021? Darren gives a talk at OVOGENE Donor Bank...

Darren is finishing off this year by attending this awesome scientific event. On 21st of December OVOGENE Donor Bank will start a Webinar “Advanced Genetic Screening for Egg Banking”.

Darren Karl Griffin will kickstart, with his lecture on “Genetic testing of the embryos – recent advances.” He will talk about preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy - one of the most controversial areas of reproductive medicine. This talk will cover the debate surrounding the controversy, giving a nod to the importance that egg donors are screened for chromosome abnormalities. At the end of the lecture, you will have learned a little more about genetics, a little more about IVF, a little about the mindset of reproductive geneticists and find out why Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

DR Uliana Dorofeyeva, Medical Director and Scientific advisor at OVOGENE Donor bank will follow, with her topic: “ Benefits and objections of advanced genetic testing for oocyte donors.” During OVOGENE's December webinar dedicated to Advance Genetic Testing Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva Medical director and Scientific advisor at OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank will cover the topic of benefits and objections of advanced genetic testing for oocyte donors and share an OVOGENE's experience performing a comprehensive carrier screening panel for oocyte donors and results related.

Birol Aydin, Clinical Senior Embryologist and Scientific advisor at OVOGENE Donor bank will tell you more about: “ Golden Egg (Genetically Tested Donor Oocyte) – what we should know.” The main quotes will be about that Donor Egg Banking is becoming more popular and effective. Efficiency of frozen donor egg is higher than fresh egg? Is that possible? How can we get the best efficiency? Donor oocyte aneuploidy testing by PGT-A is good alternative for higher blastocyst outcome and euploid embryos probability. I will talk about donor oocyte aneuploidy testing by PGT-A and we will share our scientific experience.

You can register for the event below!

Registration form:

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