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Social media as academics workshop

Stakeholders use all kinds of social media, and if you’re not using it to engage them you’re missing a major opportunity. Facebook has 1.11 billion active users. Twitter has 55 million. Add to that LinkedIn’s 255 million members and the billion unique visitors to YouTube every month, and it’s certain that many of the stakeholders are using at least one major social network.

But how do you use social media to inform and collaborate with your stakeholders and to showcase your research?

This workshop will highlight top tips to create your public profile and for making social media part of your stakeholder engagement strategy.

Darren will talk about his personal experience of enhancing his stakeholder relationships by using social media creating his public profile.

Olivia A Grant will speak about her opinions on why you should be using social media as an academic and her personal experiences as a PhD student.

Tim Davies will speak about how Social Media is a great way to link up with wider communities and boost your profile and discuss a few top tips and ways to link up with central University accounts and campaigns.

Lastly, Professor Phillipe de Wilde will discuss algorithms behind social media platforms.

Find out more about the workshop here:

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