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Summary of the impact case

Kent research on the genetics of infertility and disease enabled the invention and adoption of two novel chromosome screening tools: Karyomapping is a universal method to diagnose any genetic disease in human IVF embryos. It has been successfully utilised worldwide treating >15,000 couples since 2014. The ease with which Karyomapping can be applied, has a positive impact on patient care, reducing the time from first admission to treatment commencement, thereby relieving stress and anxiety. Karyomapping was recently adapted for use in cattle (~2000 embryos screened so far) to improve pregnancy rates following IVF. Enhanced Translocation Screening was adopted to identify sub-fertile stud males in pig and cattle breeding, to date screening >2,000 elite animals. It removes a major cause of reduced litter size by eliminating affected animals from breeding programmes, thereby also lowering the carbon footprint. Impact from Karyomapping and/or Enhanced Translocation Screening was achieved by improving assisted reproduction technology (ART), advancing business performance in fertility clinics and agriculture, improving food production and informing educational and professional practice.

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