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Younome Exhibition Returns to Canterbury!

The Younome exhibition has returned to the Canterbury campus and is now installed in the Pears building - K&M Medical School. The exhibition is free to all!

This exciting and thought-provoking art-science collaboration between artist Keith Robinson and Biosciences researchers Dr Gary Robinson and Professor Darren Griffin explores genomics in a novel way through a series of Keith’s self-portraits, demonstrating the impact of individual chromosomes.

Your personalised genome in 25 portraits

YouNome is a unique science-art collaboration designed to engage, educate and inspire the general public about ‘personalised genomics’.

Keith Robinson, a renowned portrait artist, has produced 25 portraits, each representing the 24 human chromosomes (plus mitochondria DNA) by altering his self-image.

Each portrait represents one human chromosome, and each one depicts an aspect of genetics (e.g. disease, variation, evolution, gene-environment interaction).

It's a fascinating and beautiful exhibition with the added benefit of being educational!!

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